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Do Parents Make Better Teachers?

This is bound to make some people angry, but here goes anyway: does becoming parents ourselves make us better teachers? Of course, the first follow-up question is, “what does ‘better’ mean?”  I don’t even know if I have an answer to this, but I started thinking about this because in the last three years I’ve [...]

The Sins of His Father

I originally wrote this blog post for parenting blog This Mommy Gig; it appeared on July 29th, 2008, and I’ve edited it slightly for inclusion here.  Although the subject matter falls slightly outside my normal scope here at AoC, I’m posting it in the interest of consolidating my posts on other blogs here.  It’s not [...]

Blogging Too Close to Home

In Wes Fryer’s latest post, he debates what to do about his child’s teacher’s decision to show ten full-length feature films over the course of a semester.  Wes raises questions of copyright and fair use, and I highly recommend you head over his way and leave your thoughts on the matter. The post in question [...]

The Fine Print

My kids’ daycare sends home flyers every so often advertising this program or that that our kids can participate in beyond what the normal tuition fee covers – pull-out classes for music, gymnastics; that sort of thing.  The other day a flyer came home advertising a dance class.  There was nothing unusual about it, but [...]

Hello? Is This Thing On?

I’m not normally in the habit of recycling previous posts (especially those barely a month old), but I really need some feedback on this from teachers, CST specialists, parents, administrators, students, consultants – really, any stakeholder in the world of special education.  Here’s what I wrote last month: So every member of my new Child [...]