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Tools of the Trade: Paid Web Services

Earlier this month, I wrote about some of the free Web services I use in my professional role as a school psychologist.  I am grateful for services like Dropbox, Google Apps,, and countless others that provide services free of charge.  I also, however, bear in mind that one gets what one pays for, and [...]

Tools of the Trade: Free Web Services

When I made the jump from classroom teacher to school psychologist three years ago, many of the tech tools I use in my daily workflow changed according to my needs.  No longer did I need to have access to unit plans and materials for lessons, but I did need to focus more on scheduling my [...]

Owning Up

One of the reasons I like blogging so much is because it helps keep me honest.  If I have an idea for a project or practice, I like to write about it in this public space because it makes me feel beholden to you (whoever you are) to see it through.  It provides some extra [...]

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

Just a quickie blog post, but one I am excited to write: I have accepted a new position for the upcoming school year.  In what will be a significant (but very welcome) professional change for me, I will be working with students in grades 4-6 as a school psychologist; as many of you know, my [...]

Dr. Lange’s Diaspora Question

In the current edition of the National Association of School Psychologist’s [NASP] Communiqué, Dr. Stephen Lange has an editorial entitled, “Is There a School Psychology Diaspora?” (read the full text here).  Though the piece asks more questions than it answers (rarely a bad thing, in my mind), it struck a chord with me in terms [...]